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General Registration Terms and Conditions

1. Registrations & Payments
  • Registration for admission to the WIBIS Summit conference, hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”, runs until March 16, 2020 and is accepted in an order application basis and is limited to the number of seats available.

  • Registrations are formalized by filling in the respective registration form, available at, which should be sent electronically through this site, accompanied by proof of payment of the registration fee of € 275, 00 (two hundred and seventy-five euros).

  • All data requested in the application form must be completed.

  • Invoices and payment receipts will be sent electronically to the email address indicated on the sign-up form in the “Billing Data” field.

  • The Conference registration fee must be paid exclusively through Credit/Debit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer - if you choose this option, please send your proof of payment to, including your name and entity. 

  • The Conference will not accept entries that do not meet the requirements outlined in these “General Subscriptions Terms and Conditions”.

  • The amount of the registration fee is in no case refundable.


2. Benefits & discounts
  • In addition to access to the Conference, registration entitles the participant to refer to existing documentation.

  • The Conference grants a 20% (twenty percent) discount to entities that enroll 5 or more employees.


3. Meals
  • Conference registration entitles all participants to Coffee Break and lunch for the days of their registration.


4, Assignment of Rights
  • Conference participants authorize the Conference organization to use, disseminate, publish and disseminate all photographic, videographic or phonographic records of Conference activities for the purpose of promoting and publicizing WIBIS Summit activities.

  • Conference participants authorize the Conference organization to use, disclose, publish and disseminate their entity's participation in the Conference for the purpose of promoting and publicizing WIBIS Summit's activities. The organization logo may also be used for the above activities without identifying its representatives - with exception of Conference speakers and / or moderators.

  • Such records may be used in any material, technical means or support that exists (eg paper, electronic or otherwise), or that there will be and the transfer of rights is of unlimited duration and is not due any monetary compensation or remuneration from the Conference , or the entities that organize it.


5. Final dispositions
  • The inscription on the conference presupposes knowledge and acceptance, full and without reservation of the Terms and Conditions.

  • All cases not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be decided and considered by the Conference Organizing Committee.

6. Contact us for more information

If you have additional questions about our terms and conditions, please contact us at

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